Presentation Skills

Do you speak in public? Whether you speak formally or informally, this easy online program will show you the skills and techniques you need to communicate more effectively. You will learn to:

  • Organize your presentation in an efficient manner.
  • Understand how to project confidence and “own” any situation – even if you’re apprehensive on the inside.
  • Learn the secrets of professional presenters – including what they do, and crucially, what they don’t.
  • Find out how to develop a commanding, authoritative stage presence that will attract the attention of your clients.
  • Gain insight into little-known secrets which help to get the audience on your side.
  • Understand how to effectively use visual aids in your presentation without being over-reliant on PowerPoint or projections.
  • Learn how to keep the audience hanging on your every word and hold their attention for the entire presentation.
  • Understand how to deal with difficult questions and how to deflect aggression or disagreement from the audience.
  • Learn the secret of closing your presentation on a high and gain the results that you want.

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FREE Training - Lesson One

Overcoming Presentation Nerves

This lesson includes five methods to get your nerves under control
so that you can be at your best when presenting.

Five videos (with written PDF transcripts) will walk you through simple techniques that can be done anywhere. A bonus is that you can use these techniques anytime you feel nervous.

Bonus material: A PDF download of easy to perform relaxation exercises

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive presentation skills training course.

Lesson One: Managing Presentation Nerves +

This lesson includes five methods to get your nerves under control so that you can be at your best when presenting.

Five videos (with written PDF transcripts) will walk you through simple techniques that can be done anywhere. A bonus is that you can use these techniques anytime you feel nervous.

Bonus material: A PDF download of easy to perform relaxation exercises

Lesson Two: Body Language +

In this lesson we will begin our look at the very important "non-verbal" elements in your presentations. We will focus on body language, how to be perceived as credible and how to move effectively.

Lesson Three: Gestures +

In this lesson we continue our exploration of our "non verbals" by covering gestures. We will also cover techniques such as anchoring and enumeration. There is also a download on gestures that offend.

Lesson Four: Eye Contact +

Eye contact is so very important. In this lesson there are three videos with eye contact tips and techniques, along with a great article by Sims Wyeth on 10 reasons eye contact if everything in public speaking.

Lesson Five: Voice +

Half of your non-verbal communication comes from your voice (the other half is your body language.) In this section we will look at the elements of a powerful voice; Tone, Range, Articulation, Power, Pace and Pausing. These six videos will walk you through exercises to improve your voice quality. Visit this section before your next presentation so that you can warm up your voice and have full control over what you sound like. There are also downloads to help with handing voice issues.

Lesson Six: Know Your Audience +

Presentations should never be "one-size-fits-all." Each audience you speak to deserves to be presented to differently. The very first thing you should do is analyze who is in your audience and what makes them different. There is one video in this segment. Don't forget to download our handy audience analysis worksheet. Use it for every presentation.

Lesson Seven: Writing Your Presentation +

Once you have analyzed your audience in lesson 6, you are ready to move on to creating your presentation. In this lesson we will look at methods to begin the process of formulating your presentation. The download contains a concept map template to use.

Lesson Eight: Powerpoint +

There are so many ways that PowerPoint can go wrong.   This lesson includes a video, transcript and a webinar on how to effectively use PowerPoint along with a download.

Lesson Nine: Opening Your Presentation +

How you open your presentation has a huge impact on the audiences focus and attention. In this lesson we will look at ways to open your presentation with impact, helping the audience focus on your topic. This lesson includes a video, transcript and a download on creative ways to open your presentation.

Lesson Ten: Closing Your Presentation +

The last thing you say is powerful. Your words have the power to stay in your audiences mind and heart. This lesson will help you use that time wisely. You can view the video along with an article by Eric Holtzclaw on the most powerful way to close your presentation.

Lesson Eleven: Handling Questions +

Do you get questions during your presentations? If you do, this lesson will provide you valuable tips and techniques to manage both yourself and your audience. This lesson includes three videos and a valuable download about how to handle hostile questions.

Lesson Twelve: Tech Talk Translation +

You may be a subject matter expert in your field. However you will be judged on how understandable your message is. It is never okay to "dumb down" your presentation, rather you want to make your audience to feel smart. Think of it as "leveling the playing field." This lesson contains a video and an extensive white paper.

Lesson Thirteen: Managing Difficult Audience Members +

It seems that more and more people are having to deal with difficult audiences. In this lesson we have one video and a really great download  on how to deal with difficult audiences.

Lesson Fourteen: Virtual Presentations +

It can be expensive to communicate to a group of people. Perhaps your clients are overseas, or your employees work from home. Virtual communication has gotten more popular and easier to do. In this lesson we share a video as well as download on how to use this technology effectively.

Lesson Fifteen: Using the TelePrompter +

There are a few things you should know if you have the opportunity to use a TelePrompter in your next speech. In this lesson you can view a video and download my book The TelePrompter Manual. It is a comprehensive guide to using the TelePrompter.

Lesson Sixteen: Story Telling for Business +

If you need to make your message "sticky," nothing works better than a well crafted story. In this lesson we will look at best practices to make your story memorable. You will have access to a video, transcript and top ten tips for story telling.

"I thought the class was very very helpful. You know one key thing that I learned was the introduction of presentation. So I generally just say my name. From what I do blah blah blah and then I'm going to the presentation.

Today I had to do a corporate presentation to Germany and I used the tactic I learned yesterday and it was it was what is in it for me. I didn't begin the presentation with my name. I began with them. "Do you guys know what's the most valuable asset in an organization. Employees. We are." And then I went on about you know why our training was very useful and helpful. But then I used a tactic I learned the previous day to help me engage my audience's attention."

Chris Lin  Consultant
Chris Lin Consultant Werum

The site was extremely helpful for preparing a speaking competition at my work. For me as a Non-Native it was very easy to find what a needed. With the in person training and the videos I felt very well prepared and I came in second in the competition.

Tina P.
Tina P. Denso International

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