Lesson #12 - Tech Talk Translation

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Video: Tech Talk Translation

Tech Talk Translation

You may be a subject matter expert in your field. However you will be judged on how understandable your message is. It is never okay to "dumb down" your presentation, rather you want to make your audience to feel smart. Think of it as "leveling the playing field." This lesson contains a video and an extensive white paper.

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  • Tech Talk White Paper
    Tech Talk White Paper

    When speaking with any audience, you may have a variety of purposes. Your goal may be to share your expertise with people in your department, to update senior leadership on the progress of your project, or to influence and persuade potential clients to accept your proposal, to name a few possible purposes

Video Transcript

  • Tech Talk Translation
    Tech Talk Translation

    Written transcript of video - As a STEM professional, your ability to share your technical
    expertise with your audience is essential, and the fact is, your audiences can be varied. You could have people from different cultures, different companies, different levels of technical expertise, maybe a different level in the organization. All of those have to impact how you communicate your message.